Croft x Cyrus

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Yesterday we had 'spexfoto' aka "ninth graders dress up in costumes and takes a picture". Our theme was 'celebritys/movie characters. I was the one and only Lara Croft! And next to me stands Miley Cyrus. 


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/ about my job - I work at a shoe clearance sale / this mornings breakfast, HOW FREAKING DELISH! / yesterdays dinner / cold feet / an amazing quote / pic from dad's house / pic from dad's balcony / dinner / coffee and strawberrys / pic from Amsterdam, dreamhouse or what? / a new blouse bought in Amsterdam / selfie.. / 

Okay so "latest from instagram". And you can, as always, find me with the name: isabellezoe. 


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Helloooo! YES I'm alive. And HAPPY! Happy cuz I live. The weather is pretty AMAZING and I have some niiiice stuff to look forward to. First: Ida and I just bought tickets to Way Out West!!! And THAT my friends, is happiness. So life is good as I said. We're coming closer and closer the summer and vacation. Even though I'm going to work a lot this summer, I will do soooo much fun stuff. Haha I'm just in this happy bubble right now and I hope it'll stay this way. This weekend has been very very good. And the upcoming week will probably be quite good also! What did I say? Am I happy or what? xoxoxoxo