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Mother oh mother. I love you endlessly. Yesterday was Mother's day so me and mum had dinner by the water in Södranäs. Great way to end the weekend, which has been SO GOOD. I've got one more job so now I work with both shoes and frozen yoghurt. The frozen yoghurt store had the opening this saturday and it was a success! 


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Okey so let's talk about The Royal Concept. Or should I say David Larson, the singer in the band, MHMM! They had a gig here in Varberg this saturday and WOW! they were good. I've listened on them for almost two years now and I'm even more in love with the band now than before. If that's even possible. We talked to David after the gig and he was so nice and so damn HOT! And I also took the setlist;). 

Waaaah, there was so much love that night.

Listen to them right HERE