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what is the best thing about today? the fact that it's sunday. <-- lovelovelove. the fact that I'm going to yoga later. the fact that I woke up next to my best friend. the walk Ida and I took to the store to buy breakfast. hearing the birds sing. 

what are you listening to right now? ryan adams. this album; Ryan Adams – Heartbreaker . mhmm<3

what are you going to do today? as I said, yoga. otherwise; sleep, shower, read, listen to music and go to the store w/ mum. typical sunday, which I love. 

who what do you miss? travel! I miss being somewhere else. I miss the heat and the summer. I miss thailand, I miss New York, and I miss London<3.   

what are your favorite movies right now? always; Girl Interrupted, The perks of being a wallflower, Leon, A lot like love and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind<3. and Gilbert Grape. and Django. and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. and Searching for Sugarman. etcetcetc. mother and I saw the movies Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, soooo good. there's a third one also, Before Midnight, which came out last year, and we are going to see that one 2night. another tip is the new movie, The Book Thief! I and Ida saw it on the cinema yesterday and it was really good! 
which blogs do you like best nowadays? hmmm. my favorite blogs will prob always be; and but I also love;,,, ETC ETC!
what are your top five eatable things right now? oatmeal in all its forms<3 chocolate, duh ofc. eggs forever in my heart <-- in all its forms also!!!! BANANAS! I think banana is some sort of a miracle fruit. I mean, how can it not be???? musli, it all its forms too hehe! musli is a drug I think. löööööve it. 

which songs makes you psyched on fridays?
Lenny Kravitz – Black And White America 
Queen – Don't Stop Me Now
Aretha Franklin – Respect

and Beyonce. and all those latino songs there is. shakeshakeshakeSENORA

which four words describes your mood right now? carefree, actually. In a good way! I'm hopeful aslo! but I'm also tired and the cold I'm having is quite a party pooper. 

who are you going to cuddle with tonight?? my beloved dog, Gucci. yes my sister named him gucci. he is the diva it sounds like he is. 

what are your four biggest addictions right now? hmm tricky question.

1. pictures on kate moss. I mean, do you EVER get enough of that incredibly beautiful woman??? 
2. peanut butter. okay it has been an addiction since I was a lil kid. 
3. my new suit pants from hm, big love!
4. The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition <-- will always be one of my favorite songs. I always listen to it when spring is approaching.

what makes you happy today? it's sunday<3<3<3 Ida made me happy. and the yoga will. and my mum makes me happy. and the fact that it's march, one step closer to summer, makes me happy. 


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